Other Ab Detection Tests

Salmonella is a serious disease of animals which can cause acute diarrhoea, septicaemia, infertility and may be fatal. Sample type tested – Serum and Milk.

Chlamydia abortus Ab detection – mainly a disease of sheep causing abortion and infertility. Sample type tested – Serum.

Toxoplasmosis can cause infertility and abortion in sheep. Antibodies may be detected in serum long after the animal has been infected. Antibodies may also occur as a result of vaccination

Fasciola hepatica Ab Detection – used to identify the presence of antbodies in serum and milk.

Faecal Coproantigen test for liver fluke detection – This test is carried out on faeces for the diagnosis of liver fluke infestation in cattle or sheep. Many reports show that it is a more sensitive method of detecting fluke infestation than traditional methods of fluke egg detection in faeces. It may be particularly useful in cattle from 10 weeks post possible exposure to fluke infested pasture.