Sheep Technology Adoption Programme | STAP

The Sheep Technology Adoption Programme (STAP) is being introduced in 2013. One of the tasks on this Department of Agriculture scheme is the monitoring for anthelmintic resistance in sheep. For more information on anthelmintic resistance visit

Farmers who wish to carry out Fecal egg count reduction tests (FECRTs) for the STAP programme can send their dung samples to us.

Farmers must take 10 individual samples before and after drenching. FEC Sample packs are available to order from us. Each sample pack comes in a box with ten containers and packaging materials for sending back to FarmLab Diagnostics. Farmers require two sample packs for the STAP programme, the cost of two sample packs inclusive of testing is €30 plus postage. Contact us for more details.

Dung samples are pooled in the lab and a result will be sent to you and your STAP advisor. Sample results are also notified to the Department of Agriculture for monitoring purposes. Click here for Testing for worms.