Anthelmintic Resistance In Sheep

Anthelmintic Resistance

Anthelmintic Resistance in sheep seems to be becoming a big problem. What this means is that certain groups of wormers may be ineffective on certain farms. We have been testing a lot of dung samples for Sheep discussion groups to find out whether resistance to wormers is present on farms. What this involves is taking samples of dung randomly from 10 sheep before/at dosing and then taking 10 samples in 7- 14 days time depending on which wormer is used. There should be virtually no worms visible on the second examination after dosing. This however often is not the case. If you are worried that the dose you use on your sheep is not working feel free to come in and get some sample kits. FarmLab Diagnostics have put together special kits for checking worm samples on sheep, and we will be happy to provide you with some.

The cost of testing 10 samples twice is €30 . This test is quick to perform, and provides a lot of useful information to farmers on:

  • The types/ amounts of worms on farms
  • Prescence of coccidia/ other parasites
  • Is your dosing regime effective

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