Tick Borne Fever and New Range of Tests This Year

New Tests for 2015

FarmLab Diagnostics have added some new tests to their range of testing services for 2015. Of particular interest are some new PCR-based tests, including tests to diagnose the presence of Mycoplasma bovis. Mycoplasma bovis is something which has become more topical in recent years due to its suspected involvement in cases of bovine mastitis in adult cows, and respiratory disease in younger cattle. Mycoplasma is very difficult to treat, hence the importance  of attaining an early and accurate diagnosis.

In addition we now offer tests to diagnose Tick Borne Fever, or anaplasmosis. This tick borne fever disease can result in fever and milk drop in cows, and has traditionally been diagnosed by the presence of inclusion bodies on blood smears. PCR testing offers an alternative highly sensitive and accurate means of diagnosis. Other new tests available for 2015 include Somatic cell count analysis , Giardia detection in faeces and RSV antibody elisa, and RSV Virus PCR detection.

Our full range of tests is available here.

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