New Submission form

We have added a new style of submission form for use by our veterinary clients. We hope that the new form will be easier to use, and has a full list of all of the tests which are available from FarmLab Diagnostics, including our new range of equine tests.  The form also contains information on the various tests which we offer, which means that in total it is 7 pages long. We only require that the first two pages, which can be printed front on back on one sheet will be used for sending with samples. We advise vets to read the information provided on the other sheets to avoid confusion in relation to test submission, and limitations of certain tests. The form is available for download from our downloads page or can be accessed directly by clicking on the following link: Should vet practices have any queries please feel to contact us to discuss. F#514-1 Diagnostics Sample Submission Form.docx

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