Top tips for taking milk samples

 Top tips for milk sampling

At farmlabs, we test hundreds of milk samples every month for farmers and vets to determine what pathogens are involved in mastitis cases. Getting a handle on these bugs can mean we can make better decisions on how to stop the spread. Different bacteria will act in different ways causing mastitis, it is important to identify these pathogens on your farm.

It can also inform us about what treatments might be effective. We perform culture and sensitivity testing on samples to check which antibiotics work on these bacteria.

To get the most accurate results it is so important to take the sample correctly. We must avoid contamination of samples as this will impact on the test results.

Watch our video here about 7 top tips to milk sampling

  • Get cotton wool and make swabs that you can then soak in alcohol to clean the teats effectively.
  • You will need clean gloves and sterile sample pots to take the milk sample into.
  • Use CMT (California mastitis test) to identify mastitis or pick up high SCC quarters
  • clean the outside of the teat first
  • Clean the teat orifice thoroughly
  • Draw out that teat twice before sampling
  • Angle sample container to minimize contamination
  • Fill the tube half full at least
  • Label your sample container with a tag number of the cow
  • Post quickly

Getting a good sample is essential to getting good quality results.

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