As the seasons change

As the seasons change so does the nature of work being carried out at FarmLab. As we move from autumn to winter and drying off there is a big increase in the volumes of milk sample bacteriology being carried out. Bacteriological culture and sensitivity testing of milk samples is a useful means to identify which types of bacteria are causing problems on farm. Identification of contagious organisms such as Staphylococcus aureus, can have a big influence in determining how to approach the issue of dry cow therapy, and the issue of the use of antibiotics at drying off. Equally identification of organisms on farm which may be resistant to some antibiotics is essential when considering which treatments to use. The attending veterinary practitioner is uniquely placed to advise on the selection of antibiotics treatments, and helping to advise on whether antibiotics are required in certain cows at drying time (“Selective Dry Cow Therapy”). The use of milk culture and sensitivity testing is an essential tool in making an informed decision.

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