Milk Testing


Mastitis is a common disease of cattle worldwide. Mastitis can result in significant welfare issues for cattle and also results in huge economic losses through milk wastage, treatment costs and loss of productivity.

Early and accurate identification of the organisms involved in mastitis can offer great benefits in controlling the disease at farm level. Milk can be analysed for mastitis causing organisms, for more information see milk culture and antibiotic sensitivity.

Milk Antibody Detection

Milk Testing & Analysis can also yield a lot of useful information for the detection of various disease on farms. This can include detection of various antibodies for various diseases, such as salmonella or BVD. Prescence of antibodies indicates that the cow has been exposed to this disease at some point in the past, and therefore indicates that this disease may be an issue on particular farms. For more information on the use of milk antibody tests, farmers should contact their veterinary surgeon.

Milk samples can be used to check for antibodies for a range of disease, including:

  • IBR
  • Johnes Disease
  • Salmonella
  • Neospora

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