Parasites in farm animals are a major source of economic loss.

The principle internal parasites of adult cattle and sheep are:

  • Worms (e.g. Ostertagia sp., Teladorsagia sp., Nematodirus sp.), Liver Fluke, Rumen Fluke

In addition the following parasitic diseases may cause significant problems in younger animals:

  • Coccidiosis, Cryptosporidiosis

Internal parasites are diagnosed by carrying out tests on animal faeces, this can be through visualisation of parasites eggs, or use of other laboratory based tests

Cattle Worms Parasite Testing

The most significant types of worms in cattle in Ireland are:

  • Gutworms (Cooperia oncophora, Ostertagia ostertagi)
  • Lungworms (Dictyocaulus viviparous)

For more information on worms in cattle ask your vet or visit Animal Health Ireland website.

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Liver Fluke Testing

Liver fluke is a common parasite of cattle and sheep. It has a many negative impacts on cattle and sheep health and productivity.

For further information on liver fluke ask your vet or visit Animal Health Ireland.

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Rumen Fluke Testing

Rumen fluke seems to have become more significant in recent years. It can be associated with diarrhoea and poor thrift in cattle and sheep.

For further information ask your vet or go to Animal Health Ireland website.

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Sheep Worms Testing

The most significant types of worms in sheep are gut worms:

  • Nematodirus sp. 
  • Trichostrongyle spp

For more information on worm control in sheep ask your vet or visit

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