Pregnancy confirmation, determination of age and sex of foetus, diagnosis of pathologies of both ovaries and uterus, lung examination in calves and many more, all these examinations may now be simpler and faster with iscan mini.


What makes the DRAMINSKI iScan mini the perfect choice?


Barely larger than a palm of a hand, iScan mini is made of aluminium, which makes it extremely durable. Its external dimensions are 170x140x52 mm, with a large, 5 inch screen. State of the art technology enclosed in a miniature size.


A ready to work iScan mini weights only 1350 grams, which means that even many hours of work will not strain your back.


All the necessary functions are always within reach. This is provided by programmable function keys, which we have designed based on conversations with many specialists. If you want, you can adapt the keys to your needs.


Rapid and precise measurement you can rely on. You no longer need to wonder at what location the largest dimension of the follicle is located. iScan mini will do this for you.


An interesting case? Or maybe an ambiguous image? Share an image or consult a colleague. Now sharing images and cine loops is fast and easy. All of this thanks to the built-in WiFi antenna and new, free app for Android mobile devices.



LuciD is a function which reduces noise in the image and improves the clarity of the image.


Use a built-in screen or OLED goggles — it’s up to you! The image will be always clear and contrasted.

The set includes:

Ultrasound scanner with a linear rectal probe
External battery x2
Battery charger with a 230 V charging cable
Carrying belts
Transport case
User guide on a USB drive

Additional equipment

OLED goggles
Linear rectal probe extension for cattle
Linear rectal probe extension for sheep


24 months for the ultrasound scanner

6 months for the battery

Technical Data

Dimensions140 x 170 x 52 mm (width x height x depth)
Weight of the device 1350 g with the probe and the battery
Weight of the battery 292 g
PurposeUltrasound diagnostics of farm animals:
Diagnostics of the reproductive tract
Confirmation and monitoring of pregnancy
Determination of sex of foetus
Determination of age of foetus
Measurement of backfat thickness
Ultrasound examination of the lungs
Uses other than specified above are not excluded
Image display modesScreen
Image rotated by 90°
Image rotated by 180°
Greyscale256 shades
Gamma10 settings
Display screen5.0” diagonal
500 cd/m2
480 x 800 px
ProbeElectronic, broadband
7 MHz, 60 mm.
Method of connecting a probePermanent
KeyboardMembrane, water resistant
Imaging modeB Mode
B+B Mode
Image managementFreezing the image
Zoom 100–160% at 20% increments
Saving to internal memory
Exporting to external storage device
Exporting to mobile devices with the use of WiFi
Follicle (automatic)
Area (from 2 measurements)
Saving data to the memoryImage with measurements
Cine loop (max. 512 frames)
Image memory200
Cine loop memory200
Data transmissionUSB-C
WiFi (to Draminski App)
PresetsMay be created by the user
Power supplyLi-Ion, 14.4 V, 2.25 Ah
Continuous operation when the battery is fully chargedUp to 3:40 hours
Charging of the battery pack3 hours
Battery charge indicatorAutomatic — graphic indicator
Protection classIP32
Protection against objects larger than 2.5 mm
Protection against water dripping at an angle of a maximum of 15 degrees
Operating temperatureFrom 0°C to +40°C
Recommended storage temperatureFrom 0°C to +40°C


iScan mini – New Ultrasound Scanner Demonstration – YouTube

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