Chlamydia Abortus - Reasons for Toxoplasmosis and Enzootic Abortion

Investigate the Reason for Chlamydia Abortus / Sheep Abortion

Please download a story in the Irish Farmers Journal where a Sligo vet discusses the causes of infectious abortion in sheep. The most common causes include Toxoplasmosis and Chlamydia. Both can be detected by a test provided by Farmlab and you can order the sampling kit here.

FarmLab Diagnostics in Elphin, Co Roscommon, provides a test which can be used as a preliminary step in the diagnosis of both toxoplasmosis and enzootic abortion. The test, which is provided through veterinary practitioners, consists of a pack which contains two FLOQ swabs. One should be used to sample the aborted placenta (cleanings). The second should be used to take a sample from the surface of the aborted foetus while still wet with birth fluids. Alternatively, this swab may be used to take a sample from the ewe’s vagina. Both swabs should be placed inside the ziplock bag provided and, together with the completed form, given to the veterinary practitioner for submission to the laboratory. Test results are returned by email to both the farmer and veterinary practitioner. A positive result for Chlamydia abortus or Toxoplasma gondii indicates that they are present in the samples submitted.

FarmLab Diagnostics stresses that this does not necessarily mean that they are the actual or only cause of abortion. It recommends that foetal samples should also be sent to one of the Department’s regional veterinary laboratories for post mortem examination and that farmers should avail of veterinary advice in determining the most appropriate course of action in dealing with abortion.

Chlamydia Abortus - Reasons for Toxoplasmosis and Enzootic Abortion

The FarmLab Diagnostics swab test pack for diagnosing toxoplasmosis, chlamydia abortus and enzootic abortion. Available here.

MSD produced an educational promote testing, the link is below:

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