Elisa Testing

Antibody Detection ELISA Tests

Shows previous exposure to infectious agents

BVD Ab Detection

BVD is a viral disease which can infect cattle of any age. Infection of a pregnant cow or heifer can result in the birth of a persistently infected BVD positive calf.

For more information on BVD, or the Irish National BVD programme please visit the Animal Health Ireland website.

Demonstration of BVD antibodies in milk indicates that cows have been have previously been vaccinated or been exposed to animals which were carrying BVD.

BVD Antibody detection in serum is most useful for monitoring exposure of juvenile animals to persistently infected BVD animals. Calves less than 6 months of age should not be checked for BVD antibodies as they are likely to have maternally derived antibodies from the mother’s colostrum.

Leptospirosis Ab Detection

Leptospirosis can lead to infertility and abortion in cattle. Demonstration of Leptospira antibodies indicates that animals have been infected with or vaccinated against leptospirosis.

Serum Antibody test

Neospora Ab Detection

Neospora can be associated with abortions in cattle

Serum antibody test

IBR Ab Detection

Infectious Bovine Rhinotracheitis(IBR) is a disease of cattle caused by Bovine herpesvirus 1(BoHV1) IBR is associated with immunosuppression, respiratory disease and infertility. Animals remain lifelong latent carriers of the disease once infected. For more information on IBR visit Animal Health Ireland website.

IBRgB Ab Detection
This test can be used in unvaccinated herds on serum or milk to detect antibodies to BoHV1.

IBRgE Ab Detection
This test can be used on serum in animals vaccinated with marker IBR vaccines to look for the prescence of latently infected animals in the group.

Salmonella Ab Detection

Salmonella is a serious disease of animals which can cause acute diarrhoea, septicaemia, infertility and may be fatal.

Serum and Milk

Chlamydia Abortus Ab Detection

Mainly a disease of sheep causing abortion and infertility



Toxoplasmosis can cause infertility and abortion in sheep. Antibodies may be detected in serum long after the animal has been infected. Antibodies may also occur as a result of vaccination

Fasciola Hepatica Ab Detection

Used to identify the presence of antbodies in serum and milk.

Faecal Coproantigen Test for Liver Fluke Detection

This test is carried out on faeces for the diagnosis of liver fluke infestation in cattle or sheep. Many reports show that it is a more sensitive method of detecting fluke infestation than traditional methods of fluke egg detection in faeces. It may be particularly useful in cattle from 10 weeks post possible exposure to fluke infested pasture.

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