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FarmLab Diagnostics is a provider of animal health diagnostic solutions to the animal health industry. Our services include diagnostic testing services, diagnostic test development and we also provide a range of products for use in the area of animal diagnostics. Established in 2012 by practising veterinary surgeons the company has grown into a major provider of diagnostic testing solutions to the veterinary industry.

The company uses a range of modern diagnostic techniques to provide improved accuracy of disease testing.

The lab provides testing in the following areas:

  • Pathogen testing using real-time PCR
  • Antibody detection and Elisa tests
  • Parasitology
  • Microbiology
  • Mineral analysis and biochemistry

The lab has a strong focus on quality management, with an established quality management programme in place. The lab is accredited to ISO 17025 standard for a range of tests. We believe that efficient turnaround of test results together with the provision of high quality testing solutions are the key to our success.

The lab has a team of experienced vets and scientists with a strong background in animal health diagnostics and herd health monitoring.

The team is led by Managing Director, John Gilmore, a veterinary practitioner, with many years of experience in veterinary practice. John has worked in veterinary practice since 1997 . His background in veterinary medicine provides him with an educated insight into the requirements of animal health testing programmes and herd health medicine.

The laboratory is managed by Technical Manager, Dr. Mikhail Nosov.

Mikhail is a molecular biologist with a strong research background, having previously worked in a range of research institutions. Mikhail has led teams of scientists in the fields of molecular biology and cellular immonology, he brings this strong academic background to FarmLab where he oversees the technical aspects of day to day testing , together with overseeing the ongoing new test development and validation methods which ensure that FarmLab are at the cutting edge of animal health diagnostics in Ireland

We believe that all the members of our team are essential to the success of FarmLab Diagnostics, our highly skilled laboratory analysts ensure that all tests are carried out quickly and efficiently, while our Quality Management team ensure that all tests follow stringent quality assurance guidelines, indeed many of the tests provided by FarmLab Diagnostics are accredited by INAB to the ISO17025 standard

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