FarmLab Diagnostics provide a range of products and equipment for the diagnosis and detection of animal health related issues. Products range specimen containers, blood sampling kits, swabs, packaging to mastitis detection equipment and ultrasound equipment for use on animals.

It is important that specimens are packaged and transported properly to the laboratory to ensure that they arrive in good condition and that they comply with regulations for the transport of samples of animal origin.

Animal Health Equipment

FarmLab Diagnostics provide products from the Draminski range for the early detection of mastitis. These detectors work on measuring the electrical conductivity of milk, which changes when a cow has clinical or sibclinical mastitis. Therefore by checking cows with the Draminski mastitis detector cows with subclinical mastitis can be detected earlier.

Early detection allows for early sampling and diagnosis of the causes of mastitis .
More information on sampling and testing for mastitis.

Draminski also manufacture a range of ultrasound scanners for use on animals. Ultrasound scanners have a range of applications in animals, from the detection of pregnancy, to reproductive disorders and other musculoskeletal problems in animals.

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