PCR Based Tests

Real Time PCR is a test method which provides a high degree of sensitivity and specificity when testing for various bacteria and viruses. This method detects organisms by looking for their nucleic acid, for example the DNA. Because of the sensitivity of the test method it can detect very low levels of organisms.

PCR based tests can be used to diagnose a range of different diseases , including:

  • Respiratory disease in cattle, caused by a range of infectious agents such as IBR, RSV, Coronavirus, PI3 Histophilus sommni, Mannheimia haemolytica
  • Bovine mastitis
  • Bovine abortion, caused by leptospirosis and neospora
  • Mycoplasma bovis 
  • Johnes disease in faeces
  • Sheep abortion caused by Toxoplasma gondii and Chlamydia abortus

Other PCR tests

Farmlab are continually updating our range of tests. For the most up to date tests available, pleoplasma bovisase see our up to date list of all tests

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