FarmLab Diagnostics, Serving the entire Irish Agri Industry

Farmlab provide diagnostic testing services to a wide range of stakeholders in the Irish Agricultural industry. Customers range from farming clients from across  the country to veterinary practices based in Ireland, North and South.

Additionally FarmLab Diagnostics  provide diagnostic testing services  on a contract basis to a wide range of organisations including big pharma companies, agri co-ops, Department of Agriculture and Teagasc.

In 2016 FarmLab Diagnostics completed a large project which it was awarded by Teagasc. FarmLab’s role in the “Healthy Genes” project involved the analysis of samples  from 12,000 cows resulting in excess of 80,000 individual tests being carried out over a six month period. The data from this project has been  used by Teagasc to assess the role which animal genomics plays in bovine health.

FarmLab Diagnostics have also developed and validated a range of molecular tests for the detection of various infectious agents in cattle and sheep, and  cattle , these have been very helpful in the detection of organisms such as Chlamydia abortus in outbreaks of sheep abortion.

FarmLab Diagnostics provide a fast, efficient and competitively priced service for veterinary practitioners and farmers. FarmLab Diagnostics are innovative and European leaders in the diagnostic technology they use. Working with FarmLab Diagnostics, we at MSD Animal Health have developed sheep abortion kits and aided our customers in the diagnosis of respiratory disease and parasitology analysis. From our experience, FarmLab Diagnostics provide a quick turnaround with reliable results and we look forward to continuing our working relationship into the future.

William Minchin, B.Agr.Sc, Ph.D., Ruminant Business Unit Director
MSD Animal Health

FarmLab Diagnostics is a modern, purpose built laboratory which is equipped to a very high standard. Our team of scientists includes molecular biologists, immunologists, forensic scientists and toxicologists.

Our team has a strong background in research, and test development. previous test developments include:

  • Elisa Tests
  • Real Time PCR assays
  • Lateral Flow assays
  • Nucleic acid extraction and purification methods
  • Flow cytometry assessment of vaccine response

We are more than happy to discuss any R&D proposals you may have in the areas of test development, validation or immunology.

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