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Disease Animal Species Sample Type Comments
ELISA Antibody Detection Tests

Shows previous exposure to infectious agents

BVD P80 Antibody ElisaCattleClotted blood sample/MilkShows previous exposure to BVD virus
IBRgB Antibody ElisaCattleClotted blood sample/ MilkUse in unvaccinated herds
IBRgE Antibody ElisaCattleClotted blood sample/ MilkFor use to detect naturally infected animals which may have been vaccinated
IBR bulk tank milk antibody elisaDairy CattleBulk Tank milkHighly sensitive IBR antibody detection test for bulk tank samples from dairy herds
Mycobacterium Avium paratuberculosis antibody elisaCattle, sheep, goatsClotted blood sample/ MilkJohnes Disease test.
Leptospira hardjo antibody elisaCattleClotted blood sample/ Milk
Multispecies leptospira antibody elisaCattleClotted blood sample
Salmonella antibody elisaClotted blood sample/ MilkMultispecies test for salmonella
Salmonella dublin elisaCattleClotted blood samplePrevious exposure to Salmonella dublin
Neospora antibody elisaCattleClotted blood sample/ Milk
Liver Fluke antibody elisaCattleClotted blood sample/ Milk
Ostertagia antibody elisaCattleMilk
Mannheimia haemolytica antibody elisaCattleClotted blood sample
Parainfluenza 3 (PI3) antibody elisaCattleClotted blood sample
Bovine herpes 4 Antibody ElisaCattleClotted blood sample
Mycoplasma bovis Antibody ElisaSheepClotted blood sample/ Bulk Tank Milk
Chlamydia abortus Antibody ElisaSheepClotted blood sample
Schmallenberg VirusCattle, sheepClotted blood sample/ Bulk tank Milk
Disease Animal Species Sample Type Comments
Antigen immunoassay tests
BVD erns ElisaCattleClotted BloodDetects persistently infected BVD animals
Calf Scour testCalvesFaecesDetection of rotavirus, coronavirus, E.coli, cryptosporidia
Lamb Faecal Scour testLambsfaecesDetection of rotavirus, coronavirus, E.coli, cryptosporidia
Disease Animal Species Sample Type Comments
PCR tests
BVDCattleEar notch, blood samples
Johnes DiseaseCattle, Sheep, goatsfaecesDetection of Mycobacterium avium paratuberculosis
Tick Borne FeverCattle, sheepEDTA blood samplesDetection of Anaplasma phagoctyophilium
Schmallenberg VirusCattle, Sheep
Mycoplasma bovisCattleMilk, joint fluid, nasal swab, broncoalveolar lavageDetection of mycoplasma bovis
Ovine AbortionSheepSwab from placenta or ovine foetusDetection of Toxoplasma gondii and Chlamydia abortus
Bovine abortionCattleSwab from placenta or bovine foetusDetection of Neospora caninum, leptospira spp
RespiratoryCattleNasal swabDetection of IBR, PI3, Coronavirus, BRSV, Mannheimia haemolytica, Histophilus sommni, Mycoplasma bovis
MastitisCattleMilkDetection of mastitis causing organisms
Disease Animal Species Sample Type Comments
Mastitis CultureCattleMilk sample, no preservativeAntimicrobial sensitivity testing also provided
Skin swab/ abscess cultureHorse, dog, cat, Cattle, sheepSwabAntimicrobial sensitivity testing also provided
Equine Endometritis cultureHorseSwab/endometrial washAntimicrobial sensitivity testing also provided
Disease Animal Species Sample Type Comments
Intestinal RoundwormsCattle, sheep, horses, pigs, poultryFaecesMc Master Technique
LungwormCattle, Sheep, HorsesFaecesBaermann Technique
CoccidiosisCattle, sheep, pigs , poultryFaeces
Liver FlukeCattle, SheepFaecesSedimentation
Rumen FlukeCattle, SheepFaecesSedimentation
Liver Fluke Coproantigen testCattle, SheepFaecesEarlier detection of liver fluke in faecal samples
Bulk Tank Milk Ostertagia testDairy CattleBulk Tank MilkDetection of gutworm antibodies in milk samples
Fasciola hepatica antibody elisaCattleClotted blood/ milkDetection of exposure to liver fluke
Disease Animal Species Sample Type Comments
Other Tests
Metabololic Profile
Ca, Mg, Glucose, Total Protein, βhydroxybutyrate, NEFA
CattleClotted serum sampleUse to detect metabolic status and energy balance in dairy cows
Mineral Profile
u, GPx, Zn, Thyroxine(T4)
Cattle/ sheep/ HorsesClotted serum sample and LitHep blood
Biochemistry analysis
Urea, Creatinine, Alkaline phosphatase, Total protein, GGT, GLDH
Cattle/ Sheep/ HorsesClotted serum sample
Somatic Cell CountDairy CattleMilk
Milk Pregnancy TestCowsMilkDetection of pregnancy from 30 days of gestation


Test Code Comments
CEM Swab MaresCEMMMust be taken on charcoal swab, must reach lab within 48hrs of
sampling. 7 day minimum turnaround.
CEM Swabs StallionCEMS3 charcoal swabs per stallion. Must reach lab within 48hrs of
sampling. 7 day minimum turnaround.
Klebsiella and Pseudomonas
KPCCan be used with TEPCR to reduce turnaround times. Minimum
two days turnaround.
Endometrial Lavage or Swab
EMCAerobic and anaerobic culture and sensitivity testing. Minimum
turnaround 3 days.
Abscess / Wound Swab CultureAWSCulture and sensitivity testing, minimum 2 day turnaround
Test Code Comments
PCR Testing
Taylorella Equigenitalis PCRTEPCRTurnaround time 48hrs, use with KPC.
Test Code Comments
Equine Worm Egg CountEWC
Equine Lungworm LarvaeELL
Test Code Comments
Serology Testing
Equine Infectious AnaemiaEIAElisa test
Equine Viral ArteritisEVAElisa test
Coggins – Equine Infectious
CEIAAGID confirmation test for EIA
Pre-Breeding ScreenPBSCElisa for EIA and EVA
Strangles ElisaSTREElisa test for Streptococcus equi antibodies
Equine Influenza AINFAAntibody elisa test
Test Code Comments
Equine Blood Profiles
Equine HaematologyHAEMEFull blood count
Equine BiochemistryBIOETotal protein, albumin, globulin, AST, CK, GGT, Iron, Sodium,
Potassium, Chloride
Equine Mineral profileEMPCalcium, Phosphate, Copper, Mg, GPX, T4
Foal IGGFIGGFor determination of passive transfer of colostrum

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