BEEP Scheme faecal sampling

Farmlab Diagnostics are a designated laboratory for BEEP Faecal testing.

In order to be able to provide the best quality of service in relation to BEEP faecal testing, we are taking a limited number of orders for BEEP faecal testing kits up to and including July 15th 2022. Due to limited capacity, we are only in a position to carry out BEEP testing for customers who sent BEEP samples to us previously in 2021.
BEEP testing kits can only be ordered by sending an email to [email protected]

We have now stopped taking orders for BEEP sampling kits. Kits which have already been sent out should be returned before 2/9/22

The last date for return of samples to FarmLab is 2/9/22. Note this is earlier than the DAFM cut off date, this is to allow time to process samples and return data to DAFM before their cut off date.

Enquiry’s relating to BEEP testing will be taken by email only. Enquiries should be made to [email protected].

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