BVD Testing

BVD Testing

BVD is a viral disease which can infect cattle of any age. Infection of a pregnant cow or heifer can result in the birth of a persistently infected BVD positive calf.

For more information on BVD Testing, or the Irish National BVD programme please visit the Animal Health Ireland website.

BVD Ear Notch Sampling

Farmlab Diagnostics is accredited to ISO17025 standard for the provision of BVD testing on ear notch samples and has been designated by Animal Health Ireland as an approved laboratory for diagnostic testing on ear notch samples under the National BVD eradication programme. Please Note: Samples should be submitted to the laboratory within 7 days of collection.

For more information on taking ear notch samples please visit the Animal Health Ireland website.

BVD Testing Method

At Farmlab Diagnostics we use a PCR Testing Method for detection of BVD in ear notches. This is recognised as being a highly sensitve  way of detecting BVD in ear notch samples from young calves. PCR based test methods are unaffected by maternally derved antibodies from the mother’s colostrum.

The current cost of testing is €3.90 per sample. Discounts are available for pre-paid or larger numbers of samples. Please contact us to enquire about discounted deals or details of special offers for herds with “BVD Negative Herd Status”

Sending BVD samples to lab

Samples can be sent to us by post. Samples should be placed in a strong envelope. Care should be taken to ensure that the correct postage amount is put on the envelope.

For more information on sampling handling and postage please see Animal Health Ireland or refer to the general conditions for sample-packaging-instructions.

To ensure your herd’s health and compliance with the National BVD eradication programme, consider Farmlab Diagnostics your trusted partner in BVD testing. Our ISO17025 accredited laboratory guarantees precise and reliable results for your peace of mind. Don’t let BVD affect your livestock and livelihood. Contact us today to arrange your BVD testing and take a proactive step towards a healthier herd.

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